Improving post-disaster reconstruction in developing countries

i– Rec information & research for reconstruction
IF Research Group
Université de Montreal.

List by the order of the workshops and keynote presentations according to the conference program

Mark Napier (South Africa) “Informal settlement integration, the environment and sustainable livelihoods in Sub-Saharan Africa”

George Ofori (Singapore) "Developing the construction industry to prevent and respond to disasters"

Rohit Jigyasu (India), “From Marathwada to Gujarat – Emerging challenges in post- earthquake rehabilitation for sustainable eco-development in South Asia”

Andrew Fox (England), “Montserrat-A case study in the application of multiple methods to meet a post-disaster housing shortage”

Cassidy Johnson (Canada) “Planning aspects of temporary housing for post-disaster recovery; Example of the 1999 Turkish earthquake”

Alex Salazar (United States), “The crisis of modernity of housing disasters in developing countries”

Philip Amstislavski (United States), “Design of refugee settlements; developing ecology-driven approach

Gonzalo Lizarralde (Colombia) “Organizational design, performance and evaluation of post-disaster reconstruction projects”

Philippe Rosset et al. (Canada) “Seismic zoning at small scales in urban areas: a tool for preparedness and mitigation”

Bruce Etherington (United States) “Improving Post-disaster reconstruction in developing countries through municipally based disaster centers”

Robert A. Findlay (United States) “Resilience and sustainable community design”

Nehal Karim (Bangladesh) “Options for cyclone protection: Bangladesh context”

K. Sivaji (India) “Community preparedness – An unique experience in post-disaster scenario”

Annie Jayaraj (India) “Experiences in disaster management in Andhra Pradesh”

Yaoxian Ye (China) “Chinese experience with post-natural disaster reconstruction”

Roger Richard (Canada) "Technologies for post-disaster reconstruction"