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procurement of construction and reconstruction projects
in the international context

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a conference-workshop organized by the IF Research Group - grif

Montreal, Canada. October 23, 24, 25, 2008


Partners: grif, Université de Montréal, CIB W92, CIB TG63, CIB W107, i-Rec, PMI Montréal, The Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, The International Journal of Managing Projects in Business, Emerald and the International Development Research Centre (








- [one] -- i n t r o d u c t i o n

In the contemporary context of globalization – globalization of business and globalization of social responsibility - construction projects are becoming more and more complex, involving truly international human and financial resources. The strategic organization and procurement of these projects is increasingly complex yet the stakes are higher than ever before.

This conference-workshop investigated strategic procurement in the international construction context. The international context of construction shows different faces, ranging from prestige buildings designed by foreign “star” architects in world-class cities, to emergency shelters produced by humanitarian international initiatives in rural areas in developing countries.

For many, this context offers great commercial opportunities, but also risks and threats. Participants from different countries working in foreign contexts are confronted with major challenges that range from cultural adaptation to contractual know-how. A careful understanding of organizational design and procurement is crucial in this context. The procurement strategies - that is, the initial decisions made by the client(s) to create the temporary multi-organization in charge of the project – can determine the success or failure of the initiatives.



- [two] --t h e m e s 

The conference-workshop was organized around three main themes:

Theme 1: Public initiatives: public tendering, risks and opportunities of working abroad, international competitions, etc.

Theme 2: Private initiatives: international design competitions, international bidding, international supply chains, public-private partnerships (PPPs) etc.

Theme 3: Humanitarian aid and international development: construction for development in poor communities, reconstruction after natural or man-made disasters etc.

- [three] -f o r m a t

The conference was organized around a series of moderated presentations supported by both academic research papers and case studies presented by professionals and companies. The conference included:

- Keynote presentations,
- Moderated presentations for in-depth exchanges of experience,
- Panels for discussion,
- Publication of proceedings
- Meetings for the participating groups: CIB TG63 + i-Rec; CIB W92; CIB W107.

- [four] - v e n u e    a n d    c o n t a c t s

The conference was held at the University of Montreal, Montreal, Québec, Canada.
- IF Research Group - grif: recherche et consultation
- CIB, International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction
- i-Rec
- Project management at Université de Montréal - mgpa programs

organizing committee:
Gonzalo Lizarralde
Colin Davidson

Steve Rowlinson, Alfredo Serpell, Clément Demers

with the special support of:
Giovanni de Paoli, Dean of the Faculté de l’aménagement, Université de Montréal
Tiiu Poldma, Vice-dean graduate studies/research, Faculté de l’aménagement
Anne Cormier, Director of the École d’architecture, Université de Montréal

supported by:



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