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Gonzalo Lizarralde
Colin Davidson
Andrea Pukteris
Michel de Blois

Groupe de Recherche IF, grif
Faculté de l’aménagement, Université de Montréal
C.P. 6128, succursale Centre-ville, Montréal (Québec) Canada H3C3J7

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b u i l d i n g   a b r o a d

procurement of construction and reconstruction projects
in the international context

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Lizarralde, Gonzalo and Colin Davidson

Introduction - PDF

Avant propos - PDF

Université de Montréal 9
  Keynotes speakers    
Demers, Clément Trans-disciplinary management and partnering to better collaborate and innovate in a global context - PDF Université de Montréal 21
Terrin, Jean-Jacques European Public Private Partnerships in a global world - PDF L'École nationale supérieure de Versailles 31
Wong, Francis Impact of China in the international context of construction - PDF The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 39
  Academic articles    
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Beauséjour, Julie Good practices in sanitation infrastructures for peri-urban poor communities: A case in Hanoi - PDF Université de Montréal 93
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Chen, Chuan An analysis of private participation in infrastructure (PPI ) projects in the Chinese power sector - PDF The University of Melbourne 123
Chen, Chuan

An exploration of the relationship between international diversification and firm performance in construction firms - PDF

The University of Melbourne 137
Choudhury, Ifte and Vijay Sanampudi Effects of construction cost and change orders on construction time for industrial and commercial projects in India - PDF Texas A&M University 149
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Selection of construction work processes: Current practices and a new proposal - PDF

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Building housing abroad: Combining imported service cores and local technology - PDF

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  Professional interventions    
Anouche, Karima International project experience in GENIVAR - PDF Genivar 487
Chynoweth, Andrea Community building in Laos - PDF Bolaven Farms 489
Pisapia, Serge

Quels mécanismes, autres que le procès, ont été développés pour régler les différends reliés aux travaux de construction sur les projets internationaux? - PDF

Avocat médiateur et arbitre 491
Regnier, Philippe From emergency relief to livelihood recovery: Lessons learnt from post-tsunami experiences in Indonesia and India - PDF University of Ottawa 493
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Solano, Alfonso Project Ubicar - PDF Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia 497
Thomas-Maret, Isabelle Stakeholder participation in reconstruction programmes: The “Lakeview model” - PDF Université de Montréal 509

* Suggested reference to this publication (example):

Lizarralde, G. and Davidson, C. (2008) Introduction, in G. Lizarralde, C. Davidson, A. Pukteris and M. de Blois (eds): Building Abroad: Procurement of construction and reconstruction projects in the international context. Groupe de recherche if - grif, Université de Montréal, Montreal, pp. 9-20. Available at: Consulted: March 01, 2009.

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