i-Rec is a web-based international network focused on the study of vulnerability, resilience and reconstruction after disasters.
i-Rec deals with information exchange between its members in order to contribute with knowledge related to building activities in situations of crisis, particularly disasters in developing countries.

Last i-Rec conference and student competition in Gainesville, Florida . Organized by the University of Florida

Follow up and participate in i-Rec activities through four distinctive ways:

1. Sign up as a new member: You can upload your picture and information that can help others identify your interests, expertise and experience. You will be included in the i-Rec database.

2. Sign up to the i-Rec list serve (Google groups): Follow discussions among members and receive related communications.

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 [+] international network and conferences

i-Rec creates links between more than 200 specialists in the field of post-disaster reconstruction, particularly in the areas of:

architecture, engineering and construction
humanitarian aid
international development
social sciences

i-Rec organizes an international conference every two years:

- 2019, Gainesville, Florida (US)
- 2017, Toronto (Canada)
- 2015, London (UK)
- 2013, Ascona, (Switzerland)
- 2010, Ahmedabad (India)
- 2008, Christchurch (New Zealand)
- 2006, Florence (Italy)
- 2004, Coventry (UK)
- 2002, 2002, Montreal (Canada)

The i-Rec conferences bring together academics and practitioners interested in this field. In this regard, the conferences are a suitable environment for knowledge transfer and training based on experience and research.

Document: i-Rec programme of contributions to improving human settlements through better post-disaster reconstruction and disaster risk reduction.


 [+] international student competition

Every two years, i-Rec organizes an international student competition of architectural solutions for post-disaster reconstruction and disaster prevention. Participating projects must address: architectural solutions (including architectural design), logistics and process-related solutions. The students are therefore encouraged to think about both the products and the processes of reconstruction.

International Student Competition

To learn more about the competition contact Gonzalo Lizarralde



 [+] consulting and knowledge transfer

Various i-Rec members offer consulting services on post-disaster reconstruction and disaster prevention. Visit the members database to learn about the specialization of each of our members and their areas of interest. These services are offered to:

NGO's, Public institutions and Municipalities, Community-based organizations and private companies.



 [+] research and publications

The i-Rec members conduct research on areas such as:

- Housing reconstruction
- Resilience
- Disaster mitigation
- Community development
- Sustainable urban and regional development

Proceedings of the 2010 International Conference on post-disaster reconstruction "Participatory design and appropriate technology for disaster reconstruction".



 [+] networking

To establish institutional links you may contact:
Dr Gonzalo Lizarralde, email | web site
Dr. Cassidy Johnson, email To join the i-Rec list serve
Dr. Cassidy Johnson; email Institutional network

IF Research Group, Université de Montréal, Canada
Development Planning Unit, University College London, UK
CIB TG63 in post-disaster reconstruction
Coventry Centre for Disaster Management, Coventry University, UK
Dip tecnologia dell'Architecttura e Design. Universit à degli Studi di Firenze, Italy
Department of Architecture, Suleyman Demirel University, Turkey
University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
Istanbul Technical University, Turkey


* Students' work. i-Rec acknowledges the contribution of the student